Dragon City Hacking

Using games as personal amusement and a way to get away from the reality has always been a part of human lives from the very beginning. The ancient games like chess and reverse has now evolved and many new genres are introduced to widen the concept of entertainment. Browser based social games are one of the very latest trends that has intrigued gigantic amount of people towards it.

When it comes to browser based games you can’t cover the topic of online entertainment without the name of Dragon City. It is a browser based game introduced by Social Point which is occupying more and more minds with every passing day. Of course the main goal of all these games, no matter what genre, is to dominate your opponents by outsourcing them.

With a huge community of Dragon City players and many more joining the community everyday it’s very hard to get unlimited sources and overshadow your rivals. That is why we are introducing Dragon City Gold and Gem Hacks to improve the quality of your game and fun. These Hacks have been proved to be very useful and secure which can be seen from the videos as well. The hacks provide free Gold and Gems. If you decide to get free gold then you will be provided with free 100,000 Gold and if you want free gems then you will get free 100 Gems after activating Dragon City Gold Hack and Dragon City Gem Hack respectively. And of course all of this will be completely free of cost.

To get the hacks all you need to do is follow some simple instructions which are

  • Login to your facebook account.
  • Go to our page.
  • Like our page (if you want).
  • Click on one of the two buttons or both if you want to get Dragon City Gold Hack and Dragon City Gem Hack.
  • Wait for the download to finish.

Once you download these hacks now you need to activate it which can be done by following these instructions.

  • Login to your facebook account if you haven’t.
  • Go to your Dragon City application.
  • Run your previously downloaded Dragon City Hack.
  • Enter the amount of Food or Gold or Gem.
  • Clicks activate.
  • Refresh browser.

These are the simple steps you need to follow in order to get unlimited resources like Gems and Gold so you can completely erase your annoying opponents from the face of that mystical land. And all of this is completely free of cost and you have to pay not a single penny.